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Christoffer Lindhe’s Story

At 22:11 on Saturday 9th March was the moment that Christoffer was hit by a train, resulting in the loss of both his legs and his left arm. In a tragic accident, Christoffer was left fighting for his life, after what was supposed to be a fun festival with his friends resulted in a near death experience. Now, a decade later, Christoffer has competed at two Paralympic events and has started his own successful prosthetics company. Whilst his own tenacity has driven Christoffer to be a success, bebionic has helped with his recovery, and enabled him to handle almost anything that he needs to do in an average day.

Christoffer Lindhe’s Story

The story

After a long morning shift at work, Christoffer was at a late night festival with his friends when he felt very tired. Wanting to go back to the tent and get some rest, he told his friends that he was heading back. Reluctant to join him, Christoffer left his friends to enjoy the rest of the evening and headed back alone. Walking back, he felt nervous and anxious. He glanced behind him and walking a little way back from him was a group of three men. Not wanting to risk going straight back to his tent, he walked for a bit longer to try and shake them off. Panicking and in complete darkness, he started to run. He suddenly tripped and banged his head as he hit the floor.
Christoffer can remember nothing after falling, but from information supplied to him from the police that found him, he had tripped on a railway track, banging his head so severely he crushed his forehead and knocked himself unconscious. Things turned much darker when, later that evening, a train travelling along the track, saw Christoffer too late and was unable to stop. The train amputated both Christoffer’s legs and his left arm.

The solution

After a long recovery and complex osseointegration surgery, Christoffer was able to trial different prosthetics that would suit his needs. Being a double transfemoral amputee meant that he needed to bear a lot of weight in his hands to help him up onto his feet. bebionic has made this a lot easier thanks to the foldable fingers, having his bodyweight distributed onto the knuckles means Christoffer is much more steady when lifting himself. With a weight limit of 90kg, bebionic is one of the only prosthetics on the market that would allow him to do this. Furthermore, being able to lock the fingers in place with the power grip means that he is able to quickly and easily stand and steady himself.
Not only does bebionic help with Christoffer’s unique requirements but its aesthetic appearance has helped with his confidence. The fact that bebionic is shaped like a human hand, gives Christoffer the feeling that it is a part of himself and in his words, “bebionic is a friend for his other hand.”

The turning point

Since his accident, Christoffer has gone on to compete at two Paralympic events, and start up his own prosthetic company, Lindhe Xtend. His tenacity and drive has helped bring to market a new prosthetic, the Xtend Foot, that is unlike any other available. The Xtend Foot helps to alleviate the pain and unsteadiness when walking on uneven ground due to its 17 degrees of lateral mobility and is already helping amputees around the world.
Whilst all of his achievements are down to his mental drive and determination, Christoffer knows that bebionic has helped to make his life a lot easier. The range of grip patterns means that he can switch from typing on his computer, to opening a door, to shaking someone’s hand; helping him to handle almost anything that he needs to do in an average day.

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